Training Services

Delivery, Cancellation and Refund Policy


Apprenticeships Group Australia sets arrangement for fees, charges and refunds in alignment with instructions from governing and regulating bodies. This includes instructions for calculation of any fees, concessions and exemptions that apply and preferred ways of managing accounts and refunds.


All amounts displayed on this site are in Australian Dollars AUD$


AGA advises Students prior to commencement of training

What types of fees apply, e.g. tuition, material or other (refer AGA website for course and fee information).


How fees are calculated & how fees may be paid.

  •   - AGA shall operate in accordance with AQTF Condition 5 Option 3 – i.e. AGA shall limit pre-paid fees received to:
  •  - <$1000 prior to commencement.
  •  - <$1500 for ongoing students.
  •  - Note that student exposure should not exceed $1500 at any point.

For total course fees that exceed $1500, students will be invoiced incrementally until completion.


What concessions and exemptions are available and how to apply for these concessions and exemptions.


  • Cancellations and Refunds.
  •  - If a student formally cancels/withdraws before the course starting date a full refund applies, less a processing fee of $40.
  •  - After commencement a pro-rata refund applies based on the nominal hours completed, less a processing fee of $40.
  •  - No refunds apply for on-line/blended learning, once a student logs into the online system.
  •  - In the event that AGA cancels a course the student will be provided with a full refund.
  •  - AGA will endeavor to pay refunds within 14 days of receiving formal withdrawal notice.
  •  - Student should submit a formal withdrawal notice/refund request in writing or email.

Contact Student Administration on 1300AGA000 option 2 for further information and assistance.

Accounts and Records of Tuition Fees

The accounts and records kept by AGA will clearly distinguish income and expenditure for all RTO courses or activities.

AGA maintains a separate general ledger account to record receipt of income from tuition fees and the payment of refunds of tuition fees in line with instructions from governing and regulating bodies.

Fees paid in advance are identified through the AGA Financial Accounting System and protected for refund purposes.